My dog ate my blog post

August 6, 2011

My first blog post. Ever.

All I Ever Wanted has been out in the world for over a month now and life has been pretty frantic with author appearances, interviews and book signings. Book 2 (this week’s working title, ‘Sayonara, adverb’) is coming along well and set for publication with Text in mid-2012. I’m so grateful to all the reviewers, journos, YA bloggers and writerly people who have given All I Ever Wanted such wonderful reviews and supported me through take-off. There really is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your book finally on the shelf, or receiving fan-mail from readers who loved it.

Now, I had written an eloquent first draft of this post. It contained some pellets of literary wisdom, a few embarrassing anecdotes (to establish rapport) and a shocking confession (waaay too much coffee)—but three things happened to stop me from posting it.

The First Thing: I ran out of paper. The only A4 sheet I could find handy was a paper plane I’d folded for my son, so, in the spirit of recycling and desperation, I unfolded it and loaded it into my printer.

The Second Thing: our dog Banjo came to sit alongside me at my desk. He has this one blue, one brown-eye thing going on that can freak you out when he stares at you. And he stared at me for ages. Usually he does it to ceilings, but not today. He’s a bit touched, but I can’t help thinking he’s some kind of prophet in the guise of a hairy, flatulent dog. So I was careless and distracted as I typed my first blog post. Ever.

The Third Thing: I printed my post to proof it, spotted a couple of typos and for some reason I can’t fathom, folded the sheet back into a paper plane. My paper planes are your basic, Kamikaze plummeting type—but this one soared. And Banjo went after it like he was a greyhound chasing a mechanical rabbit. Within seconds, my last sheet of paper was a spitball.



Now I believe in signs, so I deleted the post and started over. I also believe that you should start how you mean to finish, so it’s fitting that my First Blog Post Ever is an account of not much, accompanied by a photo of a prophetic dog eating a stupid thing I wrote.

This way nobody will ever be disappointed.

Hello, world.

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