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July 31, 2012

You can read the prologue (yes, a prologue, cunningly disguised as ‘THEN’ – as a general rule I detest prologues, except this one, because it’s a prologue by proxy and because it’s mine) and first chapter of Friday Brown here on Text Publishing’s website.

Five things you didn’t know about Friday Brown:

I changed the entire novel from present to past tense during the structural edit, on a whim.

One character was inspired by the relentless Terminator cyborg – but it’s not a sci-fi or dystopian novel.

For research, I climbed a tree and couldn’t get back down.

There is no dog, but there are rats.

It has a pictorial epilogue (and I don’t like epilogues, but this one works because it’s beautiful and it’s mine).

I’m off to the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival, so over and out for now.

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