My angle on finding focus in writing …

or why writing is a bit like cinematography.

I took the following pics when we were camping a few days ago (yes, I know I’m an abysmal photographer). It occurred to me much later that this series of shots mirrors my approach to writing. It’s funny how the mind works.

Sometimes, when I’m stuck, I change focus and suddenly the scene will work. I think this awareness of zoom and angle is second nature for screenwriters, but us fiction writers have to work at it.

From the archive…

October 6th, 2012 Friday Brown, General, Pics, Vikki Wakefield

Here are some old pics I discovered when I was cleaning up my phone. They played a part in some of the setting and action scenes in Friday Brown. They were taken on my father-in-law’s property at Mt Jagged, Fleurieu Peninsula, SA. This was how I imagined the scrub surrounding Murungal Creek, but perhaps a little less green.

After the rains:

My daughter riding her quad along one of the tracks:

This is me, navigating our troopie down Hummer Hill. It’s much steeper than it looks and each time a tyre found a rut my thumbs were just about yanked off (another detail from the book):

I love this place, especially at night sitting around a campfire. My husband and I were married beneath an ancient rivergum on the property, and if you press your ear to it, it has a heartbeat…


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