‘Vikki Wakefield is one of the most creative and daring authors writing for young adults today. Ballad for a Mad Girl is an Aussie YA Gothic tale that smartly uses the supernatural to explore the depths of grief and growing up, and the pain to be found in both. This is a caring and keening novel, creepy but tender and wholly marvellous.’
—Danielle Binks

‘Ballad for a Mad Girl is an intense, unsettling read…Every page is charged with emotion.’
—Loony Literate

‘Ballad for a Mad Girl is about the living, the dead, the long journey of grief, and what happens when the lines between them blur. A spooky, gripping rollercoaster ride!’
—Nadia L King

Vikki Wakefield @VikkiWakefield
Vikki Wakefield is a writer who is not sure what the word count is but the book has a bit more to the story than th… https://t.co/bQ7CSF3LAd
Vikki Wakefield @VikkiWakefield
I refused to stand for the anthem once. I had a period leak. The rest of the time I stood because the asphalt was b… https://t.co/PaUM8OeTel

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